Folk Festival of Antiquity “The Soul of Belozeriye. Savior of the Honey Feast Day”

Guests could buy honey and apicultural products in multicoloured pavilions located in the alley of the New Town. Bee-keepers from Vologda and Kirillov brought fresh honey that was blessed by archpriest V. Kolosov, dean of the Kazan Cathedral in Kirillov, and Father Nil (Androshchuk), monk-priest of the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery.

A parade and music greetings of the participants opened the concert “The Soul of Belozeriye”. Musicians of Kirillov, Belozersk, Cherepovets, and Lipin Bor - Elena Vyazigina, Gennady Golubev, Lilia Mamaeva, Zoya Platonova, Rimma Khodulina, Nikolay Shutov, Alexander Kostin, the ensemble “In-Laws”, the Belozersk Club of Button Accordion Players “Russian Soul”, the Folklore Ensemble “Vashkitsa”, the trio from Charozero – pleased everybody with colourful Russian folklore and beautiful songs.  

The Theater of Fashion “Renaissance” (Cherepovets) amazed again with the collections based on the history and culture of the Belozersk region.

Different competitions and activities wee organized on the interactive ground. Everybody who wanted could ride horses, “catch fish” on the grass, jump on a trampoline, cover the distance on stilts and get sweet prizes for it.

Near the stage, on the bank of the Sviyaga River, boatman Sergey Tokarev presented his new “crocodile boat”. Besides, children and adults had a chance to sail a boat and a duck made by Sergey Tokarev using a fishing rod.

The meeting with Mikhail Dragunov, actor of the famous Russian theatre – the Russian Enterprise Theatre named after Andrey Mironov (St. Petersburg), was held in the conference hall several hours later.

This event certainly made vivid impressions on residents and guests of Kirillov.