Actor Mikhail Dragunov performed in museum

Mikhail Dragunov was born in Vologda. Later he lived in Estonia for some time together with his parents. Having moved to St. Petersburg, he graduated from the St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy. Mikhail started his career in the workshop of elocutionists “Petersburg-Concert”, worked in the Theatre of Vladimir Malyshchitsky (pupil of famous director of the Taganka Theatre Yuri Lyubomov). At present Mikhail Dragunov is an actor of the Russian Enterprise Theatre named after Andrey Mironov.

Mikhail told the audience that the Kirillov district was his small Motherland. His grandparents lived and worked in Kirillov for a long time. Yevdokia Stepanovna Muranova, grandmother of the actor, worked in the Kirillo-Belozersky Museum as a deputy director of science and his grandfather Mikhail Alexeevich Muranov was a military commissar. “Every year together with my family I come to my motherland, the village of Yermakovo of the Lipovskoye rural settlement, to the house that was built by my great-grandfather on the shore of Ostolopovskoe Lake”, said Mikhail Dragunov.

M. Dragunov presented the program “Poetry of the Vologda Region” to residents and guests of Kirillov and charmed them with inspired recitation of the verses written by Sergey Orlov, Nikolay Rubtsov and Sergey Vikulov. “The festival is called “The Soul of Belozeriye” and the soul of the Russian man is expressed in songs and poetry. So I will recite some poems of S. Orlov, N. Rubtsov and S. Vikulov for you. They were natives of the Belozersk district, the Vologda region. The poetry of these poets resonates with my childhood and my personal outlook”, noted the actor.

Mikhail Dragunov recited well-known poems of S.S. Orlov, N.M. Rubtsov and S. Vikulov. This lyrical verse touched a tender cord in everybody who gathered in the conference hall. The audience expressed gratitude to the artist with a standing ovation.

At the end of the meeting, Mikhail Dragunov thanked all spectators for their warm welcome and shared his creative plans with them, “Next time when I come to the Kirillov district, I will present a new program for you. It will tell you about the creative activity of the person with unique fate – Vologda’s poet Mikhail Nikolaevich Sopin”.