The village of Tsypino is known since early 16th century. The present Church of Elias the Prophet was constructed in 1755 and consecrated in 1756.

In the 19th century the Tsypino churchyard consisted of the Church of Elias and of the other stone church with a belfry, constructed in 1800 (not preserved). In 1866 the Tsypino parish was one of the biggest in the district: it comprised 21 village, 265 households and 1794 inhabitants.

Ivan Brilliantov served as a priest at the Church of Elias from 1862 to 1895. Members of his large family were residents of Tsypino for many years; his children grew into well-educated and famous people. Alexander Brilliantov (1867-1933), one of his sons, became a church historian and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Ivan Brilliantov (1870-1934), his other son, explored the history of Tsypino village and the Ferapontov Monastery